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Our Expertise

Experience matters when delivering great results

Our Expertise

Experience matters when delivering great results

How we help reinvent your business

With a culture that is focused on our customers, we enable your customers to buy and consume your products and services safely in the way they choose…

Business reinvention is more accessible through capability and technology than ever before. Heavily focused software implementations no longer need to be the main method for business change and customer engagement.

In this digital age, our view is that business productivity and customer centricity are one and the same.

That’s why we are reintroducing people-centric approaches to business change. From design to systems and processes, we restore the human element for powerful and sustainable change. Above all else, we protect your business interests in gaining successful outcomes throughout your entire journey without it costing a fortune.

Delivery is our strength. We provide the experienced capabilities to empower your people and business to achieve greater levels of success.

Digital and IoT Solutions

Digital forces continuously change the way our world interacts, which has in turn introduced an unparalleled level of connectedness.

In a beautifully digital world, the importance of keeping savvy is all the more prevalent. Alchemy helps you with the comprehensive development and delivery of your digital business channels, models and technologies that enable real business reinvention for true connectedness.

  • Digital strategy
  • Digital development
  • Digital automation
  • Optimise operations and increase productivity
  • Customer centricity
  • Deliver platforms
  • Cyber security
  • User experience
  • Robotics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Blockchain
  • Internet of things solutions
  • Industry 4.0 solutions
Digital Platforms
Cloud Adoption

Cloud Adoption

Customers now have an unprecedented say in how you operate. Empower your business with the capability to provide excellent customer service regardless of where, when, and how customers interact with your business.

Alchemy delivers everything in order for your business to successfully adopt cloud technology. We work collaboratively with you in the complete process of moving to the cloud, from development to execution.The result? Reliability, business agility and speed to market.

  • Cloud technology implementation
  • Cloud migration
  • Cloud business case and commercials
  • Cloud analytics
  • Cloud strategy and planning
  • Rapid development (DevOps) automation
  • Cloud management service

Strategic Services

We speak from experience because our executives have been in your shoes. They have faced and solved some of the most complex challenges in the industry. It’s never too late to seek help.

Wisdom is key. Work with Alchemy’s team of past senior executives who collectively have over 50 years experience and proven track records of delivering successful business outcomes. Strategically develop your business with an expert in your corner.

  • Strategy
  • Change management
  • Organisational design
  • Process improvement
  • Supplier and commercial management
  • Product development
  • Agile adoption
  • Business function reinvention
Strategic Services
Agile + Project Delivery

Agile + Project Delivery

Guarantee yourself quality assurance with Alchemy’s methods, systems and experienced resources to ensure successful delivery. Agile or waterfall, we have the experience for consistent delivery.

In collaboration, we share our DNA of delivery with you. From initiating and planning to closing out delivery, Alchemy brings you the discipline to achieve business outcomes and delivery success.

  • Cross functional teams
  • Scale agile framework
  • Continuous delivery
  • Portfolio management
  • Program management
  • Project management
  • PMO resourcing
  • Project review and assurance
  • Project recovery
  • Team and capability augmentation

Business Engagement

We have experience and capability in business engagement scope management, functional business areas and technology platforms. We work in both agile and waterfall environments, navigating your people to lift their capabilities.

Our practice has experience in scope management and capability in functional business areas and technology platforms. Our analysts have worked in both agile and waterfall with the ability to navigate your capabilities through the appropriate understanding of delivery.

  • Requirements traceability
  • Customer and employee journeys
  • Epics
  • Use cases
  • Scope management
  • Business process redesign and metrics
  • Visual management
  • Business analyst practice management
  • Business analyst capability assessment
  • Team and capability augmentation
Business Engagement

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