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In the Professional Agile Leadership™ – Evidence-Based Management (PAL-EBM) course, participants engage in hands-on, activity-based learning to grasp the essence of Evidence-Based Management (EBM) and its practical application.

Through a series of exercises, attendees delve into techniques supporting an agile mindset, learning to employ empiricism in setting and achieving strategic goals, navigating unknowns and complexity through experimentation, and adapting goals iteratively. They also discover how to foster a cultural environment conducive to self-management and autonomy, emphasising clear goals, appropriate measures, and trust.

The course guides participants in shifting the focus from solely measuring progress through team performance metrics towards prioritising customer-centricity and enhancing customer outcomes. Finally, attendees explore operational enhancements by utilising four Key Value Areas (Unrealised Value, Current Value, Time to Market, and the Ability to Innovate) as lenses for evidence-based decision-making.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the essential aspects of goals and measures and how they influence behaviors and an organisation’s culture and values
  • Help organisations embrace empiricism as a leadership approach. Using experimentation to incrementally steer toward the organisation’s goals
  • An appreciation for how goals and trust act together to enable autonomy, transparency, and value delivery
  • Correlate market leadership and sustainability to curiosity, adaptation, and empiricism
  • Understand how to use EBM and its KVAs (key value areas) to focus measurements on improving market value and operational capabilities


No prerequisites are required to attend this course; however we recommend that attendees have:

  • An understanding of agile practices such as Scrum Kanban or other Agile frameworks
  • Experience in Agile leadership or Management.

Topics Covered

  • Introduction to Evidence-Based Management (EBM)
  • Empirical Goal Setting
  • Creating a Culture of Trust
  • Shifting Focus to Customer-Centricity
  • Operational Improvements through Key Value Areas

What's Included?

  • All participants completing the Professional Scrum Product Backlog Management Skills course receive a password to take the PSPBM Skills assessment.
  • Lifetime certification - no annual renewal fee required
  • Students of courses are able to claim Project Management Institute (PMI) PDU credit: 7 PDUs after attending a one-day Professional Scrum Product Backlog Management Skills (PSPBM) course. 

Who will benefit?

PAL-EBM is for professionals in leadership roles (including executives, managers, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, coaches, and consultants) who:

  • Are responsible for the success of their product delivery programs or Agile transformations and are seeking a means to measure and demonstrate that success.
  • Are looking for a framework that identifies improvement areas that increase their business agility, including their time to pivot to meet new challenges and deliver customer value.
  • Want to help their organisation embrace empiricism and experimentation to find solutions for complex problems.
  • Want to articulate goals and measures in a way that fosters self-management and empower their teams to understand the connection between their work and the value their organization is providing, and customer is receiving.
  • Want to be more effective in how they measure success by using Agile measures rather than traditional measurement models.

Why Alchemy?

At Alchemy Solutions, we take pride in delivering courses that not only adhere to standard course content but also offer practical insights drawn from extensive real word experience brought by our highly qualified trainers.