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In this two-day Professional Scrum Master course students experience a deep dive into the principles and practices of the Scrum framework, focusing on the role of the Scrum Master in facilitating Agile teams and enabling them to deliver high-value products. Through a combination of interactive sessions, real-world examples, and practical exercises, participants will gain a solid understanding of Scrum theory, roles, events, and artifacts, along with the key responsibilities and challenges faced by Scrum Masters. Students will gain the knowledge and understanding about how to choose and apply the appropriate practices and techniques that will be most beneficial for their Scrum Teams.

Students leave this course with an appreciation for Professional Scrum, the agile mindset and how to deal with common myths and impediments to agility.

Learning Outcomes

What you will learn

  • Help Scrum Teams deliver value to their organisation
  • Understand the theory and principles behind Scrum and empiricism
  • Understand how each part of the Scrum framework ties back to the principles and theory
  • Understand uncertainty and complexity in product delivery
  • Understand the meaning and importance of the Scrum values
  • Learn what Done means and why it is crucial to transparency
  • Know how to use the Product Backlog to plan with agility
  • Understand the importance of self-managing teams, interpersonal skills needed, and the Scrum Master role
  • Clarify the leadership role a Scrum Master plays on the team
  • Learn the skills and traits and behaviour shifts required to be a Scrum Master


There are no pre-requisites for the PSM course, however it is recommended that participants have:

  • Experience working in an Agile environment
  • Knowledge of basic Scrum practices and principles or other Agile frameworks

Topics Covered

The following lesson topics are covered during the course:

  • Foundational principles and values of Scrum
  • The Scrum Framework
  • The role of the Scrum Master in facilitating Scrum events, coaching the team, and removing impediments
  • Scrum Artifacts - Product backlog, sprint backlog

What's Included?

All participants completing the Professional Scrum Master course will receive a password to attempt the Professional Scrum Master I (PSM I) assessment.

  • You are also entitled to a 40% discount on the PSM II assessment.
  • Lifetime certification - no annual renewal fee required.
  • Eligible to claim 14 PDUs after attending a two-day Professional Scrum Master (PSM) course.

Who will benefit?

This course is primarily designed for anyone who is involved in Agile product delivery. The following roles will benefit from attending this course:

  • Practitioners that are interested in starting a career as a Scrum Master
  • Scrum Masters, Agile/Scrum Coaches
  • Consultant looking to improve their use of Scrum
  • Scrum Teams
  • Product Owners

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