Public Training FAQ

Public Training FAQ

Alchemy Solutions Pty Ltd (“Alchemy”) is one of Australia’s most respected providers of Agile training and certification, consulting and coaching services to professionals and organisations. This FAQ document provides information about how individual professionals can enroll in a Scaled Agile Framework® (“SAFe”) training course with Alchemy and obtain SAFe accreditation.

How do I complete a SAFe accreditation through Alchemy Solutions?

  1. Register for a scheduled SAFe training course and get enrolled
  2. Attend and participate in the SAFe training course
  3. Get set up with your SAFe Studio account for on demand access to the course content
  4. Successfully complete the course examination through your SAFe Studio account
  5. Promote your new accreditation to your networks (Congratulations!)

Are there prerequisites to be eligible for a SAFe accreditation?

There are no mandatory prerequisites to be eligible for most SAFe accreditations. The most popular SAFe training courses are Leading SAFe, SAFe Product Owner / Product Manager (POPM) and SAFe Scrum Master. Below we have outlined a range of experience factors that can be beneficial to those who intend to take the SAFe 6.0 certification exam for these SAFe training courses.

  • Leading SAFe 6.0: experience in software development, testing, business analysis, product, project management and or Scrum.
  • SAFe POPM 6.0: participation in a Leading SAFe 6.0 course, and experience working with Lean, Agile, SAFe or related principles.
  • SAFe Scrum Master 6.0: familiarity with Agile concepts and principles, awareness of Scrum, Kanban and XP, and working knowledge of software and hardware development processes.

How long do I have to complete my course examination to get my SAFe accreditation?

You will have 30 days from the day your certified course instructor registers you to complete your exam.

Can I get an extension to complete my course examination?

If you require an extension to complete your exam, this request must be made through your SAFe Studio account. Alchemy does not have access to do this on your behalf.

What if I don’t pass my SAFe examination?

All SAFe courses (with the exception of the SAFe SPC certification) incur a $50.00 USD exam retake fee, payable to Scaled Agile Inc. This additional charge is not covered in your Alchemy course fees.

What if I don’t complete my SAFe examination within 30 days?

You will be required to pay a $50.00 USD exam extension fee to Scaled Agile Inc before sitting your exam. This additional charge is not covered in your Alchemy course fees.

How long is my SAFe accreditation valid?

SAFe certifications are valid for 1 year from the date you successfully pass the course exam. To maintain your accreditation you are encouraged to renew it annually through the SAFe Studio account by completing any education requirements. All SAFe accreditations incur a renewal fee payable to Scaled Agile Inc.

Will I still have access to my SAFe Studio account after 1 year?

You will continue to have access to your SAFe Studio account after the 1 year membership expiry however will lose access to the full range of resources, tools and community forums offered in the membership plan. You can renew your membership through your SAFe Studio account by paying a renewal fee to Scaled Agile Inc.

Can I have more than one SAFe accreditation?

Yes! You can complete as many SAFe training courses as you would like to add to your list of accreditations. Reach out to our Agile capability development team at Alchemy if you’d like recommendations on what accreditation could be most suitable for you next.

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