A new way of working for a digital era

A new way of working for a digital era

The client situation

Our client is now a global business that is United Kingdom based. The business offers a proven commerce, subscriber management and data automation platform, built for high-volume and complex ongoing service management for customers and small to medium enterprises. In 2019 the income earnings tipped US$535m. Since starting out in late 2009, our client’s business has grown at a remarkable rate to now support over twelve global offices in Asia, Europe and the USA. The business when we were engaged was just entering the Asia market and required expertise on how to roll out better methods of delivery to support sales and marketing activity in new regions.

The challenge

The catalyst for change for the business came in mid-2015, when the team had to deliver four programs of work within weeks of each other. These were large projects for clients in Australia and the deadlines were driven by enormous benefits to end-customers, new product offerings and finance uplift. The business had marketed the platform and brand to Australia for the first time and successful delivery was paramount for future sales opportunities. Customers were trying to ascertain status on important delivery milestones and found a maze of process and role uncertainty. Existing portfolio management and delivery processes simply couldn’t cope with the workload, existing teams and individuals were stretched to the limit and at breaking point.

The solution

Understanding our capability for a previous global roll out in which Alchemy supported in utilising agile ways of working the Global CEO of the business reached out to Alchemy Solutions ‘’Alchemy’’ to request advice and help. Alchemy were engaged to perform an urgent review of the current method of delivery and to suggest improvements that could be quick wins to stabilise and expedite delivery. The review was performed with the existing team and a set of recommendations were established to manage the change to a new way of working for delivery. The recommendations involved two clear interventions to stabilise delivery and get delivery back on track. Both interventions were hands on and within existing team constructs to expedite knowledge transfer.

1. The utilisation of Alchemy’s hybrid agile method Ei5™ as an alternative method to the current waterfall approach.

a. to manage the portfolio process for work priority, resource allocation and delivery oversight

b. to increase customer engagement, ownership and involvement in the delivery of the projects

c. to align sub solution integrators, customer and internal business and information technology delivery resources to a single method of delivery which could easily be communicated and utilised by the projects

d. to create a cadence for the projects that allowed for the appropriate level of engagement in rituals and also working time to achieve results

2. Provision of an Alchemy agile delivery squad to lead, oversee and coordinate all delivery of the projects.

a. squad included the following roles; agile coach, change manager and at a portfolio level agile portfolio lead, product owner and scrum master

b. agile coach and change manager operated at the executive level of business and customers to ensure buy in and support

c. squad roles and responsibilities included the coaching and mentoring of all solution integrators, customers and internal business and information technology delivery resources

The urgency of delivery required a priority to be placed on the unification of all delivery resources across multiple groups of stakeholders. The aim was to create a high performing team where people could work hard on focussed and clear tasks, enjoyed spending time together and felt part of a bigger purpose.

The results

Alchemy successfully delivered the four projects within weeks of each other and completely transformed the way of working for the business.

The key recommendations resulted in positive change for the business and the practices introduced by Alchemy now are utilised globally by the business which has been an outstanding success. Alchemy’s hybrid agile method Ei5™ use ensured common language and understanding.

Executive engagement by an experienced Alchemy agile coach and change manager ensured that change was business led and messages were consistent and clear. Executive support became paramount as the agile teams took effect and the new method adoption was trained on the tools.

The portfolio management processes were completely rebuilt around agile practices with new prioritisation processes and engagement with software development teams increased to ensure line of sight.

The business resources felt instantly engaged and took on ownership and delivery decision making. Starting to chunk work down immediately. The internal information technology resources and solutions integrator team members had instant buy in to the leadership and methods that Alchemy brought to the table.

Alchemy shared methods and tools without fear of any commercial or intellectual property constructs. There became no us and them just a cohesive collaborative team that shared the same delivery desire which then showed in effort and results.

Final thoughts

To address the delivery concerns of the global CEO, Alchemy had to take a hands on leadership approach. Providing expertise for executive engagement as well as establishing new portfolio processes meant that at the macro level the alignment was clear and strong right from the beginning. By starting with a top down approach the change was a reality right from the beginning with clear call to arms by the executive.

Alchemy’s leadership on the ground with sleeves rolled up provided support and leadership guidance to all people involved supported by the following Alchemy tools and techniques

  • People First – Alchemy brings a distinct and holistic people, process and technology approach to each engagement which helps in identifying and remediating blockages to communication and process flows. The identification and prioritisation of customer and employee journey’s ensures line of sight to what’s important – People!
  • Alchemy’s Ei5™ method – is designed to be engaging and clear for business and technology resources and identifies business ownership as critical to delivery success. The use of agile techniques, tools and rituals ensure that everyone understands their role and conflicts are resolved quickly.
  • Partnering Framework – Alchemy’s partnering framework ensures a clear pathway for everyone involved to experience success. Alchemy’s people and culture transfer knowledge and provide a collaborative environment and tools for all parties to engage in a safe, visible and positive way.

Alchemy’s key sponsor wrote “I just want to say thank you. Alchemy brought an enormous amount of leadership to the roll out of agile within our business. Right from the beginning we all felt as a leadership team that our trusted advisor had arrived and this was replicated by each Alchemy resource involved. The work Alchemy did for us was transformational.”

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