Optimising SalesForce

Optimising SalesForce

"The meaning of digital transformation has changed in this new world."

Alchemy’s 2021 Optimising Salesforce Report provides a detailed analysis, key observations and recommendations to optimise Salesforce by using our Salesforce practice knowledge and experience.

2020 was an incredible “change event” that will forever shape the way in which we engage and connect with each other in every facet of our life. Customer and employee expectations have shifted quickly, radically and permanently in demanding digital, automated and frictionless touch points and engagement.

Empathy, trust and understanding have emerged as the key human elements to low touch, highly engaged and meaningful customer and employee experiences for both B2B and B2C businesses.

The meaning of digital transformation has changed in this new world. Business transformation is now a constant change involving all business stakeholders in iterative cycles. To ignore this change is to risk obsolesce.

We start with a basic premise that it is one thing to have implemented Salesforce however quite another to optimise the use and power of Salesforce to gain the necessary transformational desired change and business benefits.

Most Salesforce implementations are technology focused implementations driven by large solution integrators who implement a technology solution only without due process, data or, most importantly, human consideration to the initial business problems being solved.

Salesforce, as a business enabler, has a plethora of amazing features and powerful tools which can be hard to unlock if just considered another IT department job to sort out. This approach will never yield the results customers and employees demand.

It is our intention in this report to share our experience and knowledge to explain the pathway required for all businesses who strive for an optimised business Salesforce capability for customers, employees and business prosperity.

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