Boosting Performance with Digital Solutions in Horticulture

Boosting Performance with Digital Solutions in Horticulture


Carawah Nursery is a wholesale distributor of Australian native tube stock plants, that currently employs multiple software applications to manage the propagation, sale and delivery of plants to customers across Australia.

Carawah requires an integrated system to enable business processes and support rapid business growth with minimal overheads.


With existing technology hindering Carawah’s ability to scale rapidly, Carawah management reached out to Alchemy Solutions to assist in reviewing the existing business operations and designing an updated solution that is simple and integrated for tracking plant propagation.


Alchemy Solutions helped Carawah develop an innovation mobile application that simplifies, integrates and automates the production process.

The new system allows the Carawah team the ability to:

  • Track production movements and status with QR Code tracking against each tray
  • Automatic generation of propagation cards and batch labels
  • Reduce double handling by integrating sales and operation systems


Alchemy provided Carawah with a digital solution that streamlines business operations for its staff.

As a result, Carawah saw:

  • Significant overhead reduction, with automation allowing the nursery to run at minimal staff
  • Enhanced reporting capabilities, with Carawah management able to monitor all inventory in real time
  • Reduced plant mortality rate through propagation standards provided via the mobile application

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