Health Transformation: A complete redesign of business model, adoption of new technology and new processes.

Health Transformation: A complete redesign of business model, adoption of new technology and new processes

The client situation

Our client is a distinguished provider under the Australian National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), providing essential services to people with disabilities. As one of the prominent service providers, our client is among the notable entities contributing meaningfully and significantly to the NDIS landscape, both in terms of impact and people supported. 

Facing an evolving landscape influenced by dynamic changes, increased competition and unique customer requirements, our client’s commitment to delivering high-quality services prompted the need for innovation. The executive, operational, and technological functions of our client sought effective methods to ensure consistent service delivery, streamline processes, and enhance efficiency in catering to the unique needs of people supported under the NDIS. Reliability and scale are critically important in the support sector for people with disabilities and our client encountered challenges with their processes, technology, and operating model. This limitation resulted in frustration among key stakeholders as the organisation grappled with stagnant growth and unmet outcomes for people supported including NDIS participants. Our client recognised a transformative approach was necessary to combat the risks of compromised quality of service and enable better ways of working. 

As part of their commitment to the objectives of the NDIS, our client aimed to enrich their practices, moving away from ineffective traditional methods. This strategic shift involved embracing a fresh mindset and practical approaches to position the NDIS framework as a catalyst for improved support services. This encompassed adopting new work practices, new technology and a new operating model to better serve people with disabilities and stakeholders such as support coordinators and care managers, ensuring a more responsive and human centric approach.

The challenge

Embarking on a journey of profound transformation, our client faces the imperative need for a comprehensive overhaul of its existing business model. The current structure, characterised by traditional business domains and centralised support functions like Human Resources (HR) and Information Technology (IT), has proven to be a hurdle in embracing new, more responsive ways of operating within the evolving landscape of support services for people with disabilities. 

This critical transformation comes against a backdrop of previous attempts that, despite earnest efforts, failed to embed lasting changes into the core fabric of the organisation’s processes. The urgency for change is further intensified by the entrance of dynamic new players in the market, armed with innovative business models designed to provide a seamless digital experience for customers, users, and employees. Heightened market competition places our client under increased public and shareholder scrutiny, necessitating a proactive response to meet the evolving demands of the sector. 

To navigate these challenges successfully, our client recognised the need for a holistic reimagining of its business model. This entails not only addressing structural and operational inefficiencies but also embracing a forward-looking approach that leverages technology and responsiveness to enhance the overall experience for people supported. The transformation journey seeks to redefine the organisation’s role within the NDIS framework, fostering agility, innovation, and a customer centric focus to meet the diverse needs of people with disabilities.

The solution

In response to the imperative need for a profound business model transformation, Alchemy worked with the executive to envision a comprehensive and strategic solution to redefine its operational landscape. Alchemy’s proposed solution involved a meticulous assessment of current work models and value chains of existing business domains, resulting in the creation of a future focused structure, and operating framework that fosters adaptability and responsiveness.  

Alchemy worked with key stakeholders across the whole business utilising collaborative facilitation methods directed towards integrating cutting-edge technologies and digital solutions to enhance service delivery and streamline internal processes.  

Alchemy’s multiyear transformation program was co-designed with our client and covered the following workstreams:

  • A complete service line review of all services 
  • Development of new key performance indicators (KPI’s) and enterprise scorecard 
  • A digital roadmap and strategy 
  • A telecommunication review and competitive market process to upgrade all telecommunications hardware and software assets 
  • The co-design and build of a data warehouse and data reporting tool strategy 
  • A knowledge management solution 
  • Implementation of a new Human Resource Information System (HRIS) and Learning Management Solution (LMS) 
  • The creation of a rapid response development team for rapid deployment of urgent work items 
  • A security and identity management initiative to support role-based information access and adoption of best practice 


By embracing this holistic approach, our client aimed to exceed community expectations, ensuring a seamless and empowering experience for people supported, support coordinators, home supervisors and all stakeholders involved. 

To support our client with navigating this transformative journey, we provided our client with a robust change, learning and development program tailored for key roles such as people supported, support coordinators and home supervisors. This program will not only mitigate the risk of change and learning fatigue but also ensure a sustained high level of employee satisfaction, adoption and engagement. 

Through this transformative solution, our client aspires to emerge as a dynamic and forward-thinking organisation within support services sector for people with disabilities, setting new standards for operational excellence and participant satisfaction. 

Our client will leverage the transformation to springboard into new business opportunities and partnerships as well as execute acquisition integrations at speed. 

The results

Alchemy’s collaborative efforts with the executive team have yielded transformative results, reshaping the operational landscape of our client an Australian NDIS provider. The comprehensive solution devised by Alchemy in co-design with our client involved the meticulous evaluation of existing work models and value chains within business domains, culminating in the establishment of a future-focused structure and operating framework that prioritises adaptability and responsiveness. 

Engaging key stakeholders across the organisation, Alchemy facilitated a multiyear transformation program covering various workstreams critical to the effective and compliant operation of the organisation. 

The transformed landscape ensures a seamless and empowering experience for people supported, support coordinators, home supervisors, and all stakeholders involved. Alchemy’s change, learning and development program tailored for key roles mitigates the risk of change fatigue, fostering sustained high levels of employee satisfaction, adoption and engagement. 

Through this transformative solution, our client emerges as a dynamic and forward-thinking organisation, setting new standards for operational excellence and NDIS participant satisfaction. 

Leveraging this transformation, our client is poised to springboard into new business opportunities, forge innovative partnerships and facilitate rapid acquisition integration, positioning itself as a leader in the evolving landscape of support services for people with disabilities. 

Alchemy continues to work across the organisation, supporting our client’s transformation agenda. 

Final thoughts

Alchemy’s key sponsor wrote: 

As a key stakeholder in this transformative journey, Alchemy has been instrumental in reshaping our operational landscape and propelling our organisation into a new era of excellence. Their comprehensive solution, developed in close collaboration with our executive team, has not only addressed immediate challenges but has also set the stage for future growth and innovation. Alchemy’s expertise in facilitating multiyear transformation workstreams, including service line reviews, digital strategy development, and the implementation of cutting-edge technologies, has significantly exceeded our expectations. Their commitment to a holistic approach, from creating a responsive operating framework to fostering a culture of continuous learning and development, has played a pivotal role in ensuring a seamless and empowering experience for all stakeholders. Alchemy’s dedication to excellence, evident in their change management initiatives and strategic guidance, has positioned us for success as a NDIS provider, allowing us to embrace new business opportunities, partnerships and acquisitions with confidence.’’ 


Bringing our real-world experience in delivering a broad range of business and technology transformation projects, we have partnered with our client to transform their business model. 

Alchemy’s leadership on the ground with sleeves rolled up provided needed support to all people involved, leveraging the following Alchemy tools and techniques: 

  • People First – Alchemy brings a distinct and holistic people, process and technology approach which aids effective identification and remediation of blockages to communication and process flows. The prioritisation of customer and employee journey’s ensures line of sight to what’s important – people.


  • Building a Growth Mindset – Alchemy builds on previous learnings by harnessing a growth mindset to deliver transformation at scale. Challenging the status quo with the insight and knowledge that a growth mindset offers; we build strong platforms to transform results. 


  • Alchemy’s Transformation approach – Alchemy’s approach is engaging and clear for business and technology teams, driving business ownership as a critical enabler of delivery success. The use of Agile techniques, tools and rituals ensures that everyone understands their role and conflicts are resolved quickly. 


  • Sharing Why and How – Alchemy invests significant effort in ensuring everyone understands why the change is necessary to unlock willingness to embrace new ways of working and support the development of a vision for the future based on a common set of goals and shared mindset. 

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